In March 2009 Novel Entertainment secured its first radio commission, producing a brand new children's show, Rockit's Pocket, for CBeebies Radio (Radio 7).

The 21 x 10-minute show stars blue tree frog Rockit, who became a firm favourite with his pre-school audience when he appeared alongside Roly Mo in the hit CBeebies television series Fimbles and The Roly Mo Show.

Rockit's Pocket is a series for anyone who's ever wondered what or why, offering a unique perspective and insight into the practical science that underpins the place of wonder and enchantment that is our world. Now that really is Rockit Science!

Being an inquisitive blue tree frog, Rockit's life is one long voyage of discovery - made all the more exciting by his special Rockit pocket which, just like Mary Poppins' carpet bag, holds all manner of things. Rockit's old friend Roly Mo is on hand with his Big Book, helping them to find out the answers to some very curious questions!

Each episode captivates pre-school children through a balanced mix of facts and information, stories and songs.

Rockit's Pocket2110 mins


  • Lucinda Whiteley

Voice artist

  • Wayne Forester