Horrid Henry is a major multi-media brand. Initial episodes of the hit TV show rapidly became CITV's most popular series and the show is now broadcast in a further 43 countries outside the UK. In 2011 CiTV commissioned a further 52 episodes, taking the total to 156 and making Horrid Henry one of the biggest animated children's shows ever in the UK. A live stage show, Horrid Henry - Live and Horrid, ran for 285 performances in London's West End and across the UK and the destination website www.horridhenry.me has attracted more than 9 million page views since its launch in October 2009. A strong licensing and merchandising programme including category areas such as toys and games, apparel, toiletries, stationery and video games supports the brand. Horrid Henry's first Nintendo computer game, Missions of Mischief, has sold more than 100,000 units in the UK alone. Two sequel games have since been released, continuing the success in this product category area; Horrid Henry's Horrid Adventure on Nintendo DS and The Good The Bad and The Bugley on Nintendo 3DS. Extension of the brand also includes a radio show, audio books and soundtrack albums.


Ever get the feeling that life just isn't fair? Henry gets that feeling, all the time. And if you answered yes to that question too, then you may be just like Henry. Only chances are that you're not, because Henry is a nine year old kid with a perfect little brother called Peter and a Mum and Dad who'd love him dearly if only he'd stop behaving like, well, a nine year old kid!

Look at it from their point of view; Peter's pet is a cat called Fluffy, Henry's pet is a hamster called Fang. Peter likes flower arranging and doing his homework, Henry likes playing with goo and listening to his favorite band, the Killer Boy Rats. Really, really loudly!

Sometimes Mum and Dad wonder where Henry came from. While Henry wonders where he's going to. Well, he knows he's headed for stardom of some sort, but he's just not quite sure how or when he's going to get there.

And as if things weren't bad enough, Henry has to live next door to a girl. Not just any girl - Margaret is impossibly rich, impossibly moody and she's the lean, mean leader of the Secret Club, sworn enemies of Henry's Purple Hand Gang. Margaret thinks that if you don't like pink you're not worth talking to. And she is on a mission to make Henry's life a misery.

With all this going on, is it any wonder that Henry often finds himself in hot water?

Because if someone is pretending there's a shark in the school pool to get out of swimming class, or organizing a campaign to liberate his friends from having to wear school uniform, you can bet it'll be Henry. And as Mum and Dad struggle to come up with increasingly severe forms of punishment, Henry can be found auctioning off Mum's perfume bottles or setting up a pet-sitting business in his bedroom in a desperate attempt to supplement the contents of his piggy bank.

Henry sees life somewhat differently to the rest of us - he's looking at it from the bottom up, and his favorite question is ‘why'? Why isn't ketchup classified as a vegetable? It's made from tomatoes, after all. Why can't kids stay up all night on Christmas Eve? Santa does! And why can't homework be doing what comes naturally - climbing trees and building a mega fort in the garden?

Grrrrr! Sometimes life is just not fair!

Horrid Henry Series 1, 2,3 and 4208 episodes11 mins
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Based on the characters created by

  • Francesca Simon

Illustrated by

  • Tony Ross

Published by

  • Orion Children's Books


  • Rebecca Stevens (series 1)
  • Laura Beaumont (series 2)
  • Paul Larson (series 2)
  • Lucinda Whiteley (series 1,2,3,4)
  • Jim Hibbert (series 2)
  • Clive Endersby (series 2)
  • Dan Berlinka (series 2)
  • Andy Williams (series 2)
  • Alan Plenderleigh (series 2)
  • Dave Ingham (series 1 and 2)
  • Alan MacDonald (series 2)
  • Malcolm Williamson (series 1 and 2)
  • Holly Lyons (series 1)
  • John Brennan (series 1)
  • Paul Alexander (series 1)
  • Joe Williams (series 1)
  • Carol Noble (series 1)
  • Katherine Sandford (series 1)
  • Olly Smith (series 1)
  • Kelly Marshall (series 1)
  • Chris Trengrove (series 1)
  • Allan Plenderleith (series 1)
  • Toby Rushton (series 1)
  • James Henry (series 1)
  • Amanda Swift (series 1)
  • Jon Groves (series 1)


  • Elizabeth Waterworth-Santo
  • Emma Tate
  • Aidan Cook
  • Joanna Ruiz
  • Sue Elliott Nicholls
  • Tamsin Heatley
  • Wayne Forester


  • Studio Baestarts (series 1 and 2)


  • Andras Erkel (series 1 and 2)
  • Attila Szabo (series 1 and 2)