Where’s the Next Big Idea Coming From?

Extract from MIP Junior September 2017 | Read the full article here

Kid’s TV used to be consigned to Saturday and Sunday- morning slots on terrestrial TV or dedicated cable-and-satiate channels. In 2017, content can be accessed any time, anywhere and, effectively, anyhow, watched by preschool and pre-teen audiences who understand the digital media space better than most of the TV companies targeting them.

However, that has not discouraged the resourceful global industry from creating and delivering inspired content that appeals to young digital natives digital natives. “It’s been about the way in which viewing habits have changed and the number of platforms that have developed and become relevant to kids,” says Mike Watts, CEO at Novel Entertainment, the UK production hub famous for the Horrid Henry animation series. “With the growth of platforms like Netflix, and You-Tube, kids don’t think of channels anymore. They know where to find their favorite shows and characters, no matter what the platform.”

"I don’t think our roles as producers has changed,” says Novel Entertainment’s Watts.” I don’t think it changes the fact that we have to devise the best, most engaging programmes. We love the fact that our programmes can be found on a wide variety of platforms. But it doesn’t mean you’re driving kids into a binge mentality.

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Posted on 14th Jan 2020